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Monday, 19 October 2009


Hello and welcome.

ARE YOU AN ARTIST? (a professional, student, 6 year-old with a few broken crayons-whatever!)

I am. I might even be all 3! (Though chances are I’m not.)
And I know how frustrating it is when you have a craving to draw but have no clue what your little mind will vomit from the deep dark abyss of your imagination.
I also noticed, as an artist and general procrastinator extraordinaire, I often find myself in a fluster of unorganisation.
One sudden day, I was just doing my usual thing –eating peanut butter on a spoon and wearing animal hats- when a small light bulb appeared over my head; I should combine ideas.
Try to fit organisation into my art world.

The idea of a Visual Diary tantalized my every desire and so I began to research the idea further. Because I knew that where there’s a seemingly unique idea; there’s a +20 million result page on Google about to prove you wrong. As expected (19 million, if we’re being pernickety) I am not the God-like genius I was hoping to get t-shirts printed for, but all was not lost. I still felt confident that I could spread this fantastic idea amongst others; perhaps bring a few wacky rules of my own. Think of me like a Jesus; he didn’t create Christianity but he sure kicked up a fuss about it. (Comparing myself to Jesus already? Too soon?)


A ‘visual journal’ in this context, is like a sketchbook that you do a small drawing in ever day. It doesn’t have to be fantastic –a scrawling of people with funny facial features on a train journey. Anything goes! I’m trying to keep the description as vague as possible because really this is a project all about YOU. You’ll look back at it and remember all the funny things you did. You also might be surprised at how developed your art has become as drawing every day is really important if you want to improve. As for a Visual Soap Fest? …Ask your mother.


I am here purely as a curious being. I’ll be giving little questions/concepts here and there, themed weeks and hopefully showcasing other peoples –as well as my own- drawings. Of course, you don’t need to follow my rules at all. I am young and mainly in to illustration but don’t get put off by either of those facts; I’d love to see anything anyone comes up with, inspired by this idea.

For now, until the project begins, I’m advertising it to the masses. Getting it into art focused sites and if all things go well….a youtube video? Only a mayhaps.


I won’t be officially starting the project until January 2010 and ‘ending it’ (depending how things go) on December 2010 but by no means does that mean you can’t start right now! If you are interested in being part of it, I’d love to hear from you!

For now, you don’t have to sit their twiddling your thumbs; go out and search for a nice little sketchbook. Don’t worry if it’s not long enough for the whole year (if you do find ones that are, please share because so far mine only goes up to June 15th!) Once you’ve got your ideal book -mines A6 size so I can fit it snug in a bag when I’m out. I wouldn’t suggest much bigger.- its time to start writing in dates! But more about that later, if I get some nibbles of interest.

Right now, you can help me most by spreading the word! Send links of this to all your creative friends –it’ll be quite cool to compare days and see how each of your friends interprets the day’s events. Do whatever you can to just get the word out there!

Whether you’re reading this on the edge of you seat, crying in anticipation of the beauty to come or you’re sipping espresso, shrugging and revealing in a French accent ‘This might be…quite cool.’ I am excited for our future EXCITED for 2010.

Get your views in and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your time.

Footnote: I’m planning on getting a pretty theme and renovating this pit by December. It’ll be sexy. You wait. YOU WAIT.

Happy Scribbles!