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Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Gosh gosh gosh, long time no type!

I have a video for you.

Then come back here an we’ll have a good ol’ chitchat.

So the indieVISUAL Sum-Up My Summer project has been unleashed unto the world! But chances are, in order to make the video fast-pace and entertaining (-ish), I didn’t clarify a lot of things so you’ve probably got a ton of questions. Please browse through this to see if I’ve cleared up anything at all. This may be added to if other questions persist!

Pre-emptive Frequently Asked Questions based on the ones people had for the Journal Challenge. :]

How long does this go on for? 1st June – 1st September 2010 is how long I plan to do mine for, however I’m not going to get too violent if you start earlier. Finishing by September 1st would be helpful if we want to have a big showcase!

What is a disposable camera? Disposable cameras are cameras that have a set number of photos to take (around 20-30 standard), then developed (more on that later) and then never to be used again. They may also be called ‘Single-Use’ Cameras. Because of this, they are fairly cheap.

Do I HAVE to use a disposable camera? Just like the Journal Challenge, nothing is obligatory. If you like this idea but wanna run free on your own turf than absolutely do so! Another alternative is if you have any analogue cameras (the old type with film) they work just as well but I wouldn’t suggest investing unless you really know what you’re doing.

What price are the disposable cameras? This does depend on where you get them from.(more on this later) Here in England, a standard one will cost anything from £3-£10. Even higher depending on what you want it to do (I would suggest you get one with Flash). If you don’t mind splashing out, I’d suggest a £5 camera WITH FLASH is a safe bet. I’ve had cheap ones be a little unreliable but that’s more to do with my luck than anything. For other parts of the world you might wanna do research.

Where do I get the disposable cameras from? In England, they’re everywhere in the Summer! Supermarkets, Boats, Pharmacies. If you’re in another part of the world and you’re finding it difficult to get hold of one, I’d definitely suggest cruising through Ebay! I’ve seen some pretty cheap ones. God bless the internets.

Where do I get the photos developed? In England (sorry, I am in England though) most Boots stores have a place to get photos developed as well as the usual camera stores like Jessops and Kodak. Sadly things in life aren’t free and you have to pay a little bit of money. In other parts of the world, I’m sure camera shops do similar deals. I also saw in a film with Robyn Williams that they do that sort of thing at Wall-mart? Creepy film though.

Are you getting paid by any camera manufacturer?/ ARE YOU A MAJOR CORPORATE COMPANY?!

I wish! ;P But no, this is just a simple idea that I had one day and wanted to share it with you guys./I am a 17 year old girl.

Why are you doing this? I’m not a photographer and I’m not particularly good at using cameras because I have been somewhat spoiled by the use of digital photography being care-free and easily delete-able. With a disposable camera you can really take time to think about your shots and by summing up your summer you know you want to capture a moment.It's just to improve and have a little fun too, really.

Is this a competition? Is there anything I get from this? This is a ‘project’ and because its ‘indieVISUAL’/individual you get your own sense of self satisfaction! I simply don’t have the funds to give out prizes right now and this is all about your own development in photography! :]

So what are we doing after September 1st? In September I want everyone to go get them developed and then? It really depends on how many people get to this stage. More information will be released when the project is underway so hold onto your hats!

How do I keep in-the-know about this project? I’d say follow me on Twitter if you don’t mind getting bombarded with other updates about my life too (I try to keep them interesting!) You can also follow my Journal Challenge Tumblr or of course Subscribe to my YouTube and I’ll put any changes etc in a bulletin.Wow, quite enough self-whoring I think!

I have another question that has not been answered! Cool! You inquisitive little mole, you! Feel free to email me (this blogs commenting system isn’t great for replying) @ indievisual@live.co.uk! I also have a formspring because I am down with the kids!

That is all for now folks. I am excited to hearing responses from you! :]

-Bai bai!


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  1. I'm from San Diego California USA...and yes..We all love Robin Williams and WalMart is basically a monopoly corporation that just hasn't spread to the rest of the globe yet like McDonalds has. Some people hate walmart with a fiery passion. others have little choice but to shop there due to walmart running out smaller businesses and other people just dont care cuz they have money :/ OH! and apparently some walmarts do not develop 35mm film anymore :/. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! POST MOAR PLEAZE :D