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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Look at you all.
Such lovely, eager faces; clutching at your pens and sketchpads in anticipation for the New Year.
This is just...slightly unbelievable really. Ever since I got a reply back from a rather charming young man called Charlie this project has rocketed beyond my expectations.
I never even had time to clean myself up a bit and introduce myself in an orderly fashion. But now more important things are afoot.
Here are some things included in todays lovely –omgsolong- journal. I do tend to ramble but a lot of its relevant.
-indieVISUAL Awards
I’d just like to say thank you and welcome to all you new recruits! I know its short notice but this project is as simple or complex as you want it to be.
Since this project has grown I’ve got a lot more emails asking me very similar things. I love answering your emails but I feel a bit of a Frequently Asked Questions is in order just to clear some questions up that I had barely even thought about myself. (That’s right Maddy; come across as NICE and organised!)

-When does the project start?
The ‘Official’ Project starts on January the 1st and continues allllll the way to January 1st 2011 (where we’ll have cake and dance around the fire.) IF for any reason (like you FORGET) you do not start on January the 1st don’t give up hope. But as soon as you do start; there’s no going back! I think January can be a bit of a practise month where we’ll all make mistakes together and grow as a community. Hopefully by the end of January we’ll have a sweet rhythm of drawing daily going through our viens!
-Is there a place where I can sign up? Can anyone join?
As the name ‘indieVISUAL’ suggests, it’s a pretty individual (I’m forgetting how to spell that word.)project because it’s your own work with your own flexibility. There is no specific ‘signing up’ method as of yet and certainly no requirements of who can join! As long as you really want to join in and progress in your own art, I think that’s the main thing.
-Can I do something creative instead of conventional drawing? Photography perhaps?
Completely up to you, my friend! I do have to apologise as I am an illustrative person so what makes sense to me is drawing on paper. However if drawing on the computer is where you’re at and you know you could do it every day (the wonder of laptops and things.) then absolutely-positutley go for that. The key to this however is not to go too ambitious; for me things on the computer can take a few hours to look remotely sensible so bare that in mind. You can mix and match with bit of digital/traditional if you like. I’d suggest making a specific folder on your computer for it so all you scanned images can go there too!
Photography is equally as feasible if you’re the type to take your camera everywhere with you! I always enjoy a bit of mixed media (ie drawing over photos and things!) There are NO rules to how or what you put in your day!
Ok, first off; relax and breathe. No one is going to come knocking at your door in the middle of the night DEMANDING that you draw something. If you don’t think you can cope anymore just stop, have a little rest. This isn’t supposed to be an annoying chore you have to do! If anything it’s supposed to be a relaxing experience with which you let your mind think about what’s happened in the day. If you’re the type to read in bed, keep your journal there too so you can take 2 minutes before you go to bed to draw anything from your mind. :] Drawing can be very therapeutic.
-Instead of drawing daily, can I stick a dead possum on my head and call him Larry?
...Yes? But that’s not really what I’m trying to go for here. This refers to all the people who ask me if it’s ok to do something different than what I’m telling them to do. Which makes me LAUGH because I barely have control over my own mind let alone other peoples! OF COURSE you can; I’m just happy that you got inspired to do SOMETHING from seeing this! And who knows; maybe in 2011 it will be YOU that’s at the forefront of some creative project!
-What if I don’t/can’t upload my drawings to the internet every day?
Again, absolutely no obligation to upload EVERY single one of your journal entries every day! That might get a bit of a pain for some of you! In fact, if you feel a day is particularly private then by all means don’t upload it at all! This project is for you and if you want it to be; for you only! As long as you’re DRAWING every day, the benefits will still be yours to plunder!
-Do you have a tumblr account?
I’ve been checking out a pretty swish tumblr pad. Should have it up and running in the new year as lots of you came from there so its only fair I set one up! Obviously Charlie has a link to here on his tumblr so if you need me; I’m only a few clicks away!
-Do you have a YouTube account?
.....There’s nothing on it though. SADFACE. So as soon as I figure out why my internet is being a massive twatbucket and fix the upload problem and get some stuff up there I’ll share some indieVISUAL related videos with y’all.
-Are you friends with Charlie? Can I have a lock of his hair?
Until a few days ago, he didn’t know of my existence so that answers both questions really. I’ve obviously been a big fan of his YouTube for a long time but that’s all I am. Now I feel like I owe him one though. Big time. Also, you can buy locks of Charlie’s hair on Ebay here.
-What if my life is so dull I have nothing to draw about?
Yup, lots of you are commenting places with ‘But I’d have nothing to draw!’ BOO-HOCKEY is what I say to that! I’ve always said ‘Creativity thrives on boredom’ that means if it’s an uneventful day; DRAW THAT. Or if you’re a creative soul; draw what you’d rather be doing or your big thoughts of the day! Often my best drawings come from the stupidest thoughts. Take my drawing ‘ZOMGZ’ which involves me drawing Zombies Outside My Green Zoo because that also spells ZOMGZ.

(I’m desigining t-shirts for it in the new year due to popular demand!) Somehow that’s my most popular piece of art to DATE (even though technically its not a good piece of art!) and it came out of a silly thought me and my friend had about 5 years ago. No one is expecting you to have this GRAND idea for every day of the year and if you do; you’re some sorta flipping artistic genius!

I hope that clears some things up although if you still have some questions, emaiiiiil me at the address above (don’t comment your /questions/ because it’s easier if I reply to you separately.)
NOW some exciting news! Whilst writing down the FAQs, I kept thinking about how the most frequently said thing (FSD...-__-) was ‘I won’t be able to keep it up’, ‘I’ll have given up by end of January’ (*cough*Charlie*cough*) so I was like; that’s true! Lots of people are going to try but only a few would pull through on pure self-motivation. Or even community motivation! So I thought it might be fun to have a few little rewards for some of those who actually get through the entire year! This gives you a tiny bit more incentive to continue through the whole year because not only do you get MUCH better at art; you get some sweet gear too!

So here are a few ideas for indieVISUAL Awards!

-Outstanding Perseverance: For those of you, who really give it a go, persistently put lots of effort in every day even if you’re not happy with your results at first.
-Best Ideas: Innovative and cool ways to present their diary. One for you multi-media types I bet.
-Consistent Amusement: There’s always a funny guy in the pack and if you make us all chuckle, this is up for grabs!
-Outstanding Community Effort: Big efforts to be part of the community and draw in attention!
-Overall Attractiveness: The Beauty Pageant winner. One for you super-skilled artists who make me shiver in me timbers!
-Overall Best Improvement: Drawing stick men now but move onto giant robot awesomeness by December? This one’s for you!
-OVERALL BEST: Not sure if I want to have this one yet. Might just see how it goes.
There are a few others that might be cool but we’ll see how it progresses throughout the year. Most importantly I hope I cover all bases. Even those who don’t think they’re very competent in drawing have a chance to get something if they bring EFFORT to the team.
Here are a few rough ideas of what you can win:
-Coverage! You’ll be WORLD FAMOUS for winning something and everyone will be like YAAAAY, GO YOU! This will happen! ;P
-Drawings! This is either a really cool prize. Or a really shit prize. But if you so wish, I shall draw every winner a drawing of their choice (within legal limits) It will vary on size depending if you win the overall thing, etc etc. Might try and get some other artists together if you’re a fan of people drawing for you!
-Special Gifts of Love! Not promising any HD TVs or nothing but hopefully if I’ve taken enough interest in your journal I SHOULD know quite a bit about what you like and don’t like. My mother is a very good knitter of hats! And I enjoy making charms and t-shirts. There could even be a book or art resource or something. Who knows yet! Time will tell! It’ll be out of my pocket though; so you better make sure you deserve it! ;P
-Certificate! OH WOW. Best Prize of ALL TIME right there!

So hopefully that’s got your creative juices flowing again and you want to get to the end of the year even moooore! For me, the main prize will be the self satisfaction of doing something for a whole year. No pressure on me or anything though right?
Yes I know this has been a pretty long piece of text to read but it’s important at the early stages to all be on the right track so thank you for all grinning and baring it.
I wish you ALL the best of luck with the start of the New Year! What’s exciting is that we have NO idea what will come our way in 2010, but what is for certain; it’s about to get DRAWN.

(Oh and I’ve got my own catchphrase now: ‘Have fun and keep drawing!’ ...I didn’t say it was a GOOD catchphrase!)


  1. Take solace is the fact that this long post is inspiring me much more to persist in the project. Thanks for not demanding it to be daily! *whew!* :]
    I learned about your project through Charlie, because I'm a fan of his videos too.
    Looking forward to 2010! :D

  2. Oooh, this seems really interesting! I saw this on Charlie's blog, and I would like to participate. I wanted to say this on his blog, but dang, I can't find the 'comment' button anywhere. So is it okay for me to post this comment here? Cause I love drawing, and all those artsy things. This is going to a perfect New Years Resolution for me to take on! >:D

  3. I think i.. might follow the project :D
    My drawings are kind of crapy, but who cares!
    I'm gonna try it, perhaps I won't be able to do it daily, but I'll try. It's a good project for 2010 :)
    there's just 2 days left of 2009, so...

  4. I think this is a fantabulous idea.
    I can't draw for my life, but I'm going to do a photography one.
    Can't wait to start, and I'm super glad I found this through Charlie. So thanks, haha.
    FTW! :)

  5. AH! I'm so excited...I've started (will be starting) my journal on my tumblr, however. but here's the link for it if you are perhaps keeping a log of it somewhere? hah: http://bethward.tumblr.com/
    p.s. I'm so glad you are letting us do photography too. (: I will be starting new years day! ahh I'm so excited.

  6. Aaaaaand I'm hooked. And I live in Austin TX, so I'll probably get three or four other people hooked. This is gunna be fun.

  7. So excited! I am in New Zealand so I only have a few hours until 2010!

  8. oops! I messed up the link to my journal: http://bethphotojournal.tumblr.com/ there we go!

  9. well my look at all the excitement you have raised :) and it's a good catchphrase don't worry.


  10. Aaaaarghrgerjkfdhsk. Still haven't gotten myself a sketchbook for this. Ah well, I'll be starting anyway. I'm excited! :]

    Happy New Yeaaaar (:

  11. hey
    so I have an blog account here, but I hardly use it :) (http://joycieke.blogspot.com/)
    this seems like THE perfect thing to start using it more,
    especially since in your faq it said that we could use photography also (yes, I am one of those people who has her camera with her EVERYWHERE :D )
    so count me in! :D I'll do my best :)

  12. EEEE it's almost time and I am so ecited.

  13. I just started mine, if you'd like to see it. My first picture didn't turn out how I wanted it to though, maybe the next will be better.

  14. i really think it's a great idea!! can we post the drawings or whatever in tumblr?

  15. Sweet! I'm all in and already have my first drawing up =D Check me out at http://emerylafis.tumblr.com

  16. i started mine 5 seconds ago!! feedback please! it's my first, so don't expect to much


  17. You just gave me an idea for me to keep myself remotely sane.

    Thank you, very, very much.

    I've created a tumblr account just for the purpose of posting the drawings.

    Though i haven't drawn anything yet, i will within the next hour as soon as i can find a decent 365-page notepad.


    thank you again for the inspiration.