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Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Hello fellow armadillos (the greeting is getting there but still may take some time.)

It’s festive-y Christmas time and whilst the most Christmassy thing I’ve done is have a gingerbread latte in Starbucks –being down with the kids and all- I feel like its time to make a Christmas effort with this project. So guess what I’m announcing?! A Christmassy themed mini-project. A festive tester, if you will.
Have I said the word ‘Christmas’ too much? CHRISTMAS.

This will be a small-scale excursion that involves you drawing a mock-up page on Christmas day (25th of December, and don’t worry if you’re another religion/unreligious, still draw on that day anyway.) If you can find 5 minutes in between the present filled calamity and scrumptious dinner then you can find a time for ANY day of the year right? Plus it will be fun to see what your guys will come up with. Send your pages to the EMAIL ADDRESS and hopefully I’ll get them up on this page before New Year. TRY and actually draw it all on Christmas day because you’ll feel a full sense of satisfaction if you do.

Rules and ideas:

Page size: Whatever you feel comfortable with that you know you can make look good in the time you got. I wouldn’t go any bigger than A4 (I’ll most likely be doing an A5 page) However, if you know that you’re extremely busy then just bring like a post-it note and scribble something at the dinner table.

Content: Think you’re going to be stuck with ideas for what to draw? But so much happens on Christmas! Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself.

-Draw your Christmas presents and annotate it.

-Draw your Christmas Outfit and annotate it.

-Draw your favourite/least favourite thing about your dinner.

-What will you be doing in an hour?-

-Draw an alternative Nativity scene.

-Draw a Christmas Tree decorated with whatever you like.

These are simply ideas. If you think of more imaginative biscuits of awesome or something really bizarre happens on that day, draw that too. Again, don’t want to discriminate against those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I still want to see a day in the life of you!

The sweetest thing about this is that by the end of next year we’ll be able to compare Christmas’! And if you answer the exact same questions it would be awesome to compare the same days right? Right.

So grab a pencil and paper and I’ll see you SOON.

Thank you for your continuing support of the project. I think if people join in the New Year then that’s fine and dandy too but they’ll just have to continue until the same date next year I guess. If as many of us as possible can start on January 1st, I think it’s a step in the right direction!

The only thing left to say is, from everyone here at indieVisual blogs (who am I kidding, it’s only me...) have a VERY Merry Friday. :]


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  1. I mentioned the indievisual blog in my latest blog post at www.kirstenashley.blogspot.com. =)