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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


A hoy hoy.
I hope you all had a good Christmas with all sorts of art-treats to inspire you for the New Year.
Time is running out so the last PUSH for followers of this Project is in order. 12 followers on here and about 20 on my deviantART is a good start and as the year goes on, if more join than it more the merrier! :]
Back to the topic of Christmas!
I requested that you might want to try your hand at practising on Christmas day! Perhaps this swung into action too early but here are the ones so far, if you did one; comment about it and if you wish to –email me your day~!
I’ll be putting them all here:

This is mine. It shows all the things i got and some of my thoughts.

Lori wins extra cool points for being first person to give me there entry!

More on their own little way.

So, everyone got their sketchbooks/diaries/paper ready?!
Here are some ideas of what to draw about for the first week of your New Year!
-Resolutions! Draw them, write them down or comment on your previous years; did you keep ‘em?
-Draw what you were doing at midnight on New Years Day.
-Draw what you think you might be doing in a year’s time.
Hope that’s a little inspiration for those of you who are a little flustered about how to begin. DON’T panic. This is all about the process so if your first day is a little rocky, carry on in full knowledge that this time next year you’ll be brilliant! :3
Just a quick boost for you today; my internet isn’t being my best friend and keeps cutting out on me which gives CERTAIN YouTube Videos a reason to not upload. -____-
Thank you all for your co-op and generally being enthusiastic about the project; means a lot to me!

The wait is almost over!


  1. Am I correct in noticing that you got a Hello Kitty toaster??? My husband has the toaster AND the waffle iron, and is pretty proud. He refuses to share with me, however. I'll have to take them in the divorce settlement.
    Really enjoyed your journal page. I can't wait to see more! I bought a scanner today, so now I'm extra ready. Thanks for posting my page!

  2. Lori:Its a lovely page! n____n Its a Post-it note toaster! It shoots out post-it notes: pretty amazing stuff!

  3. Great idea!
    I'm going to use Tumblr..I believe you can do that, but I'm not at all Tumblr literate yet XD
    Also a lot of the time I draw like a 3 year old, but I guess that doesn't matter :D

    Give me 20 mins ..

  4. I'm in! I've just panicked (a bit) and made a blog as there's only 2 days left! That's what you do, right?

    Jolly good idea, may I add!

  5. hii i want to take part in this project coz it sounds totally awesome but i m not totally sure how to (like what i have to do) ... do i just have to post a picture that i ve drawn about my day every day to my blog?

  6. haii thur!

    I want to participate in your project...however I was not blessed with drawing skillz (at all, hah). so...I was wondering if I could do it from a photography angle instead? I hope so, since it's a visual art too...

  7. I've just decided that I'm going to do this. I'm actually pretty excited for it! It's a great idea.

  8. I can't draw at all but I can write. I think I'm going to write and if I can illustrate I will. It's not quite the same but it's my project for 2010.

  9. I'm still doing it, and that is amazing with Charlie, you read his blog post ??

    I hate to admit it but i never got round to the Christmas one, i hope to god this isn't a sign about how bad i will be in a few days time.

    I very much look forward to it :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR :) and Maddy this is a super, amazing, fantastic idea :)

  10. oh oh I want to
    so all you have to do is draw something that happend that day and mail it to you right?

  11. Ohey, I'm joining in too!
    I'll be using my Tumblr (http://www.riahz.tumblr.com)
    I promoted your little project on there too.
    I'm starting on New Years.
    But man, those drawings are super cool beans <3

    Have a happy new year <3

  12. i take your challenge! i found out about this through my friend @ maggiedraws.tumblr.com

    i think this will be a great opportunity for artists.