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Friday, 1 January 2010


Hello boys and girls.

I bring some fantastic news and some not SO fantastic news.
The fantastic news is that it is the 1st of January and the project is underway with lots of exciting entries all over your blogs which is GREAT and I’m keeping up with them all!
I’ve decided what I’m going to do;
TUMBLR: will be for my entries to go up every day-ish as much as I can! I follow everyone who follows me so I get a direct stream of all your work which is nice.

BLOGSPOT: If there are any interesting things to say about the project they will be HERE. However I will LINK to this page from TUMBLR if I do put anything up! And then at the end of every week/month I’ll be putting up my work here anyway so don’t fear blogspotters! As for viewing you, I’m trying to work it out, I’ve tried following everyone but it resulted in an error page so I’ll try again soon, don’t worry though KEEP GOING.

I’m also thinking of having a specific DAY where we do a bulk upload every week instead of once every day. That means 7 pictures to a journal. What do you think? It might be easier for those of you who panic when they can’t get to a computer? Not sure yet though so please comment!

I shall however show my FIRST picture now.

It was an orange day today. :] Also introducing my 'word of the day' where I choose a fun/unknown word to my vocabulary. Even though I knew of the word Buoyancy before, its such a fun word I thought it fitted today!

Good news over; in case you didn’t know; Charlie quit early on the challenge! He’s got a lot of stuff to cope with over the next year so it’s perfectly understandable. I just wanted to address this here because I really don’t want this to discourage you! All of you can still do it and really get something out of it! Take this as an opportunity to become more encouraged to get through a year! He brought all you guys to me and I can’t thank him enough. In short; now that he’s gone....Please don’t leave meeee. =O

Okay, ripped that one off like a bandage.
Hmm, a happy note to end on?




  1. What is your Tumblr URL? I wanna follow you DX!!

  2. http://indievisualjournal.tumblr.com/ It's also at the top of the page!

  3. I love the way your art work has your own unique touch to it. I really like this piece. Also your idea of uploading in bulks seems pretty helpful if your not always able to access a computer/laptop. BTW thanks for replying to my email, really made my day:) x

  4. too bad about Charlie but I just posted my picture! haha i'm so sick I can barley see but I couldn't not post! I'm so excited about this challenge!

    oh here is my tumblr http://amydraws2010.tumblr.com/

  5. Cool, I'm doing your challenge thing too, I think it's an awesome idea - good luck & hope it goes well!


  6. I like your drawing! Orange is a good color to start the year with :)
    Charlie dropped? :o Whatever, maybe you'll convince him to do it next year!

  7. haha, yes, I allready made day 2 =D
    anyway, Postin once a week wouldn't be necesary for me, I can get to the computer daily, but maybe it would be easier, since sometimes I can only come online in the mornngs, and well, a photo of me etting out of bed isn't really intresting ;)
    also, I heard Charlie dropped out? I think that's really sad that he said he would do it, and then ddn't. But at least LOT'S of people (myself included) heard about this trhough Charlie, so we should be gratefull for that!


  8. I likeee it! And buoyancy is a nice word to start it off, sounds.... optimistic. Heh.

    Here's to the many many many more drawings/pictures/doodles from everyone around the world :D

  9. how can we follow your tumblr?
    here's mine btw ;):

  10. Ooohh, I don't have tumbler so I don't know how this is going to work but here my blog:


  11. I don't have a tumblr either. In my excitement I made a blog and didn't realize what everyone else was doing. xD Here's the linky anyway:



  12. Oh, it's a little bit sad that Charlie quit so early. But there's nothing we can do, I think.

    I don't have tumblr like Leeky, but you can follow my progress if you want :)
    Here's the link:


    And thanks for reply to my email. It really made my day better :}

  13. Any chance you could post a list of everyone that has joined so far, so I can follow them all? (Or at least attempt to?) Also, are you against someone using they're dA account to upload daily drawings? My friend in China wants to join, but I don't know whether he can access blogspot.

    Thanks for getting this started, Maddy. It's been fun as hell so far!

  14. well what a nice picture, mine are going well. My second picture is much much better than the first. I keep saying it but HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  15. What a lovely first entry to your journal, Maddy! I'm really excited about this project, though I'll be doing this over at my wordpress instead of tumblr.

    I wish everyone a happy new year and good luck!
    Have fun ♥

  16. :)
    my first weeks worth of pics are now up @

    hope everyone's enjoying their start to 2010 :]