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Sunday, 17 January 2010


Hi Coolcats,
Some people have come to me or posted elsewhere that recently it has been hard for them to keep up with the project and that they’ve missed days out. They start using the ‘F word’ (Fail) and even the ‘C word’! (CBA) Just to say if you miss a day out it does NOT mean you fail and it does NOT mean you can’t carry on. Do not get into a stress about missing a few days, all you gotta do is CARRY ON. Especially as it’s only January! It’s when you start missing months where you should start worrying if this place is right for you. :]
All you have to ask yourself is; do you really want to better yourself in art? Do you think it will enrich your life by doing so? I think it will, but who am I to tell you what to do? ;P
Submit Sunday Time!

It's been such a crazy busy week so colour is lacking.
I’m up to date with followers again and I’ve been flooded with creativity from all you guys recently which is great to see so keep it up guys!
Hope you have another fun-filled week, keep drawing!

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