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Sunday, 31 January 2010


We made it! Absolutley fantastic WELL DONE. I hope you've all learnt lots and are even more inspired to continue the whole year through!
We've lost some people, we've gained some people but all in all I've achieved what I never thought I could; inspiring masses about art. Even those who cannot do it every day, Ihope this project has made you feel like actually, you could be a little more creative in your day!
QUESTION OF THE WEEK: So I asked a few tumblrinoes this but I thought I'd open it up; What has surprised you most about this challenge so far?
For me, I've been surprised by the community spirit of everyone and I've already felt small improvements on a few things like lettering and composition. Still got a lot to go but I'm confident this time next year I'll have improved! So comment with what you've learnt so far!

submitSUNDAY time: A very colourful week. Been kinda ill but produced some good stuff. Finished my big commision and done lotsa school work. Kinda. Should still be doing more actually...

So I wanted to share another image with you! It's a screenshot I took of all my days so far. I've organised folders for each month and this is my January folder, full up!

Anyone else doing anything this ridiculous? xP
So, what will February bring? Valentines day? YouTube? Tinsel-decorated CATS?
Whatever happens, keep all the creativity up and know that you're all awesome!


  1. Hi!!
    I follow you on DeviantART. I think this is a wonderful idea, I thought I might give it a try, maybe it'll help me get some inspiration, which I really need.
    Wonderful site, by the way :D

  2. hey you asked me on deviantart to be involved, sorry i haven't been very vocal about it but i've been doing a few scribbles, they're on my blogspot

  3. Loving all your daily drawings! Your stuff is fantastic:D

  4. What surprised me most was how little time I have each day to draw one picture. xD I'm getting better but sometimes I end up churning out a little crappy doodly thingy when I actually want to go nuts with paint or something. I already feel some improvement as well so it's WORKINGGGG. x3 Bring on the rest of the year!! <3

  5. What surprised me was how much I am enjoying it. I figured I would go through a long period of it feeling kinda like a chore before I really got into it. But I love every day of it (even when I suck) and I've already started to notice some improvement!
    2 questions:
    What kind of notebook do you have? What kind of drawing/painting/sketching utensils do you use? I'm very curious to know. I've been sticking to mainly watercolors and Sharpies, but I'm think of branching out soon.