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Monday, 4 January 2010


Hello my soupy dragons!
Exciting topics of conversation for today:
-Submit Sunday (OPTIONAL)
-Funny Sentence Friday! (ALSO OPTIONAL)
-Provoking Prospects (well...I guess optional too.)
-Social-Networking Such-likes! (Urm...hellooo.)
Submit Sunday is going to be the official day of Uploading! HOWEVER if you think you’ve got into a rhythm where you can upload every day and that’s easy for you then ABSOLUTELY go for uploading every day still. For me, my tumblr account is where I’ll be uploading every day as much as I can and on my blogspot you’ll see I’ll submit on a particular Submit Sunday! Whichever way you wanna do it is fine with me. It’d be good, if you do chose to upload on Submit Sunday that you tag it or put it somewhere in the title. Just so others can know there’s more pictures on the page! Also, this is useful to those who go on holiday and are unavailable to upload their picture for say, two weeks! The next Sunday when you get home you can do a MASSIVE submit Sunday, you see? As long as you draw every day! Try not to cheat!
Funny Sentence Friday is one of many themed days I’m planning this year! If you want to join in all you have to go to is THIS site. And chose how you want to structure your sentence and automatically you have an interesting scenario to draw! You can keep clicking until you find something funny to draw. I’m going to try and incorporate it THIS Friday into my drawing. And, unless anything interesting happens otherwise, do it for the first Friday of every month! You can join in too! Of course you don’t have to do it every month. But I think it would be fun to know that EVERYONE in the project has at some point this year done a Funny Sentence Friday. Again, when you do one; tag it!
Kudos to my real life friend Luke (I know, I totally have real friends too!) who came up with this!
You can have fun with these theme days. You could also introduce What You’re Wearing Wednesday and Munchkin-related Monday! Well...maybe not the latter...
If you have any ideas for themes you’d like to suggest; totally send them into me through email! indievisual@live.co.uk!
Lastly, on this note, I need to mention that this doesn’t mean you can’t use this sentence generator/show us what you’re wearing/show how many munchkin-related lunchboxes you own every other day of the week too! Go crazy with it if you’re inspired!
Provoking Prospects huh? I mainly just used the word ‘Provoking’ because everything else used alliteration. What I really mean to think about is the FUTURE. Keep you getting excited about what a year of going through this could bring for you!
The answer to that is; frikkin’ awesome YouTube videos THAT’S WHAT!
Imagine watching a video where 365 images flash up on screen. Each one a different drawing for every day of the year! This kind of video will be the EASIEST thing to make if SOMEHOW you managed to get a drawing for every day of the year....hmmm....but how?! Oh wait! You’re already doing it!
So for those YouTubers out there; this could be a yearlong project for simply making a really awesome film! So hopefully that’s grabbed a few more of your guess attention spans and rattled them into shape; don’t give up!
We’ve also got some other exciting projects underway for the closing of 2010 (long way off but...a girl can dream!) so if you stick around until then, you might be in for some treats!
Social-networking Such-likes (alliteration fail!)
A number of you have been asking for a twitter and various other pieces of internet ways to stalk me. :]
I guess I see no harm in telling everyone my twitter. It’s @Maddyology and it’s not always indieVISUAL related but occasionally I’ll say something relevant. Something other than my view on different flavour poptarts.
There is an indieVISUAL Facebook group that has been set up by someone other than me. Haha, your efforts have been noted! However, if you do happen to come across a few comments by me I would ask you to please to not add me as a friend on facebook. I feel like I need a little place to run and as much as I love making mega-friends with you all I would greatly appreciate it if it stayed indieVISUAL free for the most part. Sozzles!
Other places?
I have a Myspace but I set it up for the lols when I wanted to do CD art design. Incidentally I’m still open for ridiculous cheap commissions. ;P (Nothing like a bit of self promotion!)
Urm, I don’t really hang out many other places. Apart from deviant ART which a lot of you have found already to my surprise. :]
So to be honest the best way to contact me is through here, through tumblr and through email. And if that’s not enough stalking for one day then...well....umm....you’ll just have to cope?
That’s about it for today. Just would like to thank everyone for keeping up the effort! It’s fantastic to see a real community growing amongst people! And it’s nice to see a few new faces trickling in! Right now it REALLY isn’t too late to join in with the fun!
Reached over 100 on tumblr and 100 on here! That probably doesn’t mean THAT many people are doing it for real but still a massive boost to know that you were interested enough to check it out. You couldn't be making me happier right now really, you lovely peoples you!



  1. Isn't it crazy how one little idea turned into a real, reaaaal, oh-so-very-real community? :] This project is so much fun. Seriously. <3

  2. I heart this project so much ! I'm applying for university soon where I'm told I need my own personal expressional projects for my portfolio so THANK YOU SO MUCH for boosting my inspiration ideas I can't wait til I've built up loads of pieces to show off even if some are silly hehe :D

  3. Thanks for providing me with a way to work on my follow through skills. :)

  4. Have had an idea for another themed day... you know how wikipedia has a button you can click for a random page? Well... wikipedia Wednesdays! :P